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“I have always been interested in Eastern philosophies and the beauty of martial arts. So when I moved back from California, I decided to seek it out.

I really like how Rich breaks down each step and explains it in a way that helps you remember it. And I always appreciate the infusion of his life enhancing Taoist philosophies. It helps give purpose to what we are learning. I also enjoy how whatever Rich is teaching is, he makes it clear how Tai Chi can apply to every aspect of our lives.

The three most significant improvements in my health and well-being I'm enjoying, as a result of studying Tai Chi with Rich are:
  1. Greater peace of mind and experiencing a deeper connection with my inner spirit
  2. I'm in better shape, feel stronger and experience a better range of motion
  3. I have found the classes to be of benefit in every aspect of my life.
Only a small handful of people have really made a difference in my life. I can honestly say that what I am learning from each class has turned my life around in so many ways--- and the funny thing is, I knew this would happen the moment I met Rich!”

Cynthia Schultz - Student since January 2007
Retired Flight Attendant
Arlington, VT

“ When I met Rich at my first Tai Chi class, I had a feeling that I was making two friends for life – and I was right. Rich is an excellent teacher and friend, and so is my Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi has become an integral part of my life and I love sharing what I’m learning with others. I have studied many martial arts and enjoyed many different sports in my life. One aspect of Tai Chi that I love is that I can continually improve my skills as I age – the rewards just keep coming. I started practicing when I was 48 and now, at 56, I feel younger, in body and spirit, than when I started.”

Doug Reeves - Student since 1999
Wallingford, VT

“I had seem a little Tai Chi in the media and thought it aesthetically appealing. I have experienced Rich to be an excellent teacher. I like how he's always positive, encouraging us all to do better without being a task-master and his teachings are rich in life stories that bring the Tai Chi lessons to heart. I also like that he weaves in the philosophy behind the movements. The movements make more sense when we know the thinking behind them and makes it easier to learn.

The three most significant benefits I've noticed since studying with Rich include:
  1. Overall stress reduction
  2. Better control of my breathing
  3. An overall reduction in leg cramps at night
I started Tai Chi out of curiousity and I've not been disappointed. Rich has helped me understand that body and mind can work together as unit (not separately as our Western culture sometimes assumes) for a better quality of life.”

Alice Gilborn - Student for eight months
Write and Editor
Mt. Tabor, VT

“I sought out Tai Chi to renew my connection with my self through movement and understanding energy flow. I have found Rich's teaching style to be informative on many levels - he's relaxed, yet also serious about his teaching, direct but gentle; and his humbleness and sense of humor are deeply appreciated.

I have been enjoying the class atmosphere and emphasis not on just learning forms, but integrating spirit and energy within the movements. I now have more personal awareness, a deeper understanding for how energy flows within my body and how to direct my energy ("chi") more consciously. I'm also experiencing greater flexibility and physical strength and feel an overall sense of connection with myself.

After each lesson, I walk away with a sense of well-being and knowing I've fed my body and spirit.”

Bill Brooks - Student for eight weeks
0Carpenter and Real Estate Agent
Grafton, VT

“I really enjoy how clear Rich's instruction is and how he uses metaphors that make learning Tai Chi easier. His integration of Taoist philosophy into his teaching gives meaning and depth into the lessons without getting too intense or heavy. In fact he somehow manages to keep it pretty light and fun.

As a result of my Tai Chi lessons, I'm now enjoying a stronger inner strength and greater humility and self-acceptance. The practice of Tai Chi is a holistic one. It touches every aspect of your life. It's not something you just do, it becomes a part of you.”

Marsha McLean - Student since 2006
Organizational Behavior Consultant
Pawlet, VT

“I wanted to keep active and improve my balance by learning Tai Chi. Rich's teachings and clear explanations of certain movements have been very thorough. As a result, I've lowered my blood pressure and feel more relaxed.”

Thelma O. - Student since 2005
Manchester, VT

“I took up Tai Chi in hopes it would improve my balance which had become terrible since my hip replacement surgery. I found Rich's teaching style to be friendly, accepting, patient, careful and very clear. I particularly enjoy his encouragement that success is possible for any of us.

Since studying Tai Chi, I've noticed that I have improved balanced, stronger legs and experience less arthritic pain and stiffness. After each Tai Chi class I feel more flexible, calm and in less physical pain.”

Nancy Steinberg - Student for seven weeks
Retired Teacher
E. Dorset, VT

“Rich creates a calming energy that embraces you from the moment you walk into class. I enjoy his peaceful energy and passionate teaching style.”

Barbara T. - First time student
Registered Nurse
Manchester, VT

“I've read about Tai Chi and seen it in a few movies and thought to try it out. It's been over three years of studying with Rich now and I would describe his teaching style to be very gentle, supportive, non-threatening and very supportive. I really like the humor, life philosophies he shares in class in relationship to health. It makes learning Tai Chi easier. I've now experienced better balanced, feel more peaceful and better overall health since studying Tai Chi.”

Lice Lucce - Student since 2005
Retired Teacher
Sunderland, VT

“As health educator, writer and nutritionist, I come across some of the best healers and teachers in the field. When I decided to learn Tai Chi with Rich Marantz in Manchester, VT, I was very impressed at the quality of his teaching. In fact, my favorite part of Tai Chi is just being around Rich. He creates a wonderful teaching environment that draws the best out of me.

I love how he makes learning fun, practical and applicable to real life situations. I find going to class inspiring and spiritually uplifting. I consider studying and practicing Tai Chi with Rich a form of meditation that just so happens to get me in better shape too.

I also appreciate his passion for his work. He shares what he learns from his ongoing trainings with master teachers in China and I feel very lucky to have such a dedicated teacher right in my area.

I highly recommend Rich. He is hands-down one of the best.”

Karin Witzig - Student since 2007
Health Marketing Consultant
N. Hebron, NY
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